Job Training On Your Resume
Job Training On Your Resume

You may have received training in any number of subjects, whether on-the-job training (OJT) or training through an offsite trade school, certification course, or college program. Job training usually helps you to achieve at least one of the following goals:

  • Perform your job (for example, safely operating a forklift or using a new software)
  • Prepare for a promotion (for example, leadership training)
  • Improve the way you work (for example, using lean, Six Sigma, or similar programs)

Adding Job Training on Your Resume
You should list any job training on your resume, usually at the end after Education (or in place of education if your degree stops at high-school and you have years of experience). However, some job training may be worth mentioning earlier, in your summary or in a job description, especially if it is an essential or preferred qualification for the job you want.

Understanding the Value of Job Training
Why is job training so important? A recent survey showed that 70% of employees are likely to participate in job training and retraining programs that are offered by their employers. That statistic shows an appreciation by employers of the value of job training. It also shows the level of training achieved by many of your competitors for a new job.

Job training helps prepare you to take the next step in your career, whether for this employer or for a new employer. If your employer does not provide job training, you may want to find out if tuition assistance or job shadowing is available—and you can certainly investigate training outside of work.

Becoming a Trainer
If the opportunity arises, you may want to become a trainer yourself. Many companies have train-the-trainer programs, where one set of employees (or managers) receives instruction on how to train other employees (or managers).

Consultant-led, manager-led, and coworker-led training programs all provide opportunities for you to shine as a student, mentor, and leader.

At Robin’s Resumes®, we recognize the importance of both on-the-job and offsite training and will help you highlight your job training on your resume.