7 Ways Recruiters Will Attract and Hire Talent in 2017
7 Ways Recruiters Will Attract and Hire Talent in 2017
My buddy Chris Russell of Career Cloud wrote an article for Recruiting Headlines titled, “20 Recruiting Pros Share Their Plans for 2017” where he polls 20 recruiters from various fields and asks them:

“What will you be doing more of/less of to attract talent next year?”

I tallied the answers and here are the results:

Video – 2 mentions

Social Media – 4 mentions

New Tech Tools – 3 mentions

Old School Conversations – 6 mentions

Direct Sourcing (with parameter list) – 2 mentions

In-person Networking – 2 mentions

Employee Attraction-Based Tactics – 5 mentions

**Yes, these total more than 20 because some mentioned more than one tactic.

What did this list tell me?

There is no magic elixir.

Some recruiters use social media. Some don’t.

Some recruiters just wanna chat on the phone.

Others just want to email.

And others actually shower and are okay with you seeing them using video for a chat. <Make sure you shower, too.>

Some want to find you on Twitter.

Others want to meet you in a bar. <– This was an actual answer of one respondent. “Hang out in a bar where experienced candidates hangout.”

So it means you need to look good and be present online and offline.

And even for those offline situations, recruiters will check your resume to see what you’re about before they direct message you, meet you at the bar, or email you.

So look good on your resume, at the minimum.